Reindexing doesnt work


I changed mapping to index so I wanted reindex. I have about 200 daily indicies that I want reindex. I used bellow command. When I ran it gave me 504 timeout error. When I checked GET /_cat/indices?v there is created about 100 copies with -reindexed at the end. But these indicies are empty and they have docs.count: 5 and nothing is happening. Their health is green and status is open. When I ran GET /_tasks?detailed=true&actions=*reindex&group_by=parents it gives me no tasks. When I check the ES log I see lot of:

org.elasticsearch.transport.RemoteTransportException: [****][*****:9300][indices:data/read/search[phase/query]]
Caused by: Query Failed [Failed to execute main query]

Can somebody help?


POST _reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "nginxprx-*"
  "dest": {
    "index": "nginxprx"
  "script": {
    "lang": "painless",
    "source": "ctx._index = 'nginxprx-' + (ctx._index.substring('nginxprx-'.length(), ctx._index.length())) + '-reindexed'"
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Can you post more of the Elasticsearch logs?
Have you tried with just one index?