Reindexing indicies results in issues in 7.8.1

I'm reindexing a few indicies and I get the message #! Deprecation: index [my_index] matches multiple legacy templates [filebeat-7.8.1, fv2-test], composable templates will only match a single template.

I've built my index template using Order, so that it's first supposed to apply index template filebeat-7.8.1, and after that my own index template fv2-test. I do this to keep ECS from Elastic separate from my own mappings. However during this reindexing only filebeat-7.8.1 index template is applied and I get the error message above.

When I do normal ingest via logstash, both of the the index templates are applied without issues or error messages.
I read in the documentation about composable templates and legacy index templates, but I do not understand why I'm having these issues when reading there.

Do anyone have a clue how I can reindex and still have both of my index templates applied in the correct order´?

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