Reinstall Elasticsearch 8.x (mistakes were made)

noobish question: I am relearning elastic after a hiatus of a couple years. I downloaded the 8.3.3 tarball, uncompressed it and started elasticsearch, (I'm on linux) but I forgot to properly configure elasticsearch.yml.

So I deleted the whole elasticsearch directory and started over, but I kept running into either http.p12 or transport.p12 errors. Also, when I started over, I did not get the first time run information showing the password for the elastic user, HTTP CA certificate, etc.

Googling 'reinstall elasticsearch' and 'recreate transport.p12', I did learn how to recreate the http.p12 and the CA. But I could not find instructions on how to recreate the transport.p12 file.

So my questions are these:

  1. If I need to completely blow away the elasticsearch install again, what else beside deleting the directory do I need to do so that elasticsearch thinks it is a fresh, new install?

  2. How do I recreate the transport.p12? The new http.p12 works just fine.

(links to previous posts/blogs welcome)


OK, nevermind.

Looks like the transport.p12 was just an arbitrary naming convention.

If you rebuild and have the p12 errors, use these links to resolve:

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