Relational data


I think we all know the limits of elastic when having relational data....
There are things you can solve (using de-normalization, nested, parent-child, lookups) but sometimes your uses cases require query time joins (n:m relations, complex queries...).

So simple question: what is your preferred storage to solve this for large data? a relational database (which one?), a graph database?, ...


I would say that depends entirely on the requirements. It is impossible to give a generic answer as there is no system that does not involve some kind of trade-off.

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I fully agree with what you say.

What I expected as response is something like "we are using XYZ because we had those requirements, and we made good/bad experience with it".

In my experience generic questions do not get responded to as frequently as more targeted ones. If you have a use case you would probably get more responses if you described it and it’s characteristics and asked for advice. This may s as Lao better be asked in a different forum that is not do Elasticsearch focused.

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