Remove allocator role from first node and move it to a dedicated host

I've created an instance by running the following command:

bash <(curl -fsSL install --availability-zone SIEM-1 --memory-settings '{"runner":{"xms":"1G","xmx":"1G"},"zookeeper":{"xms":"4G","xmx":"4G"},"director":{"xms":"1G","xmx":"1G"},"constructor":{"xms":"4G","xmx":"4G"},"admin-console":{"xms":"4G","xmx":"4G"}}'

That created an initial node with all roles, including the allocator role. This role is quite resource intensive. So I generated a deployment token and connected another node to this SIEM-1 instance with just the role allocator. I used the command below for that.

Added allocator on another node

bash <(curl -fsSL install --coordinator-host **HOST_IP** --roles-token '**ALLOCATOR_TOKEN**' --roles "allocator" --availability-zone **MY_ZONE-1** --memory-settings '{"runner":{"xms":"1G","xmx":"1G"},"allocator":{"xms":"4G","xmx":"4G"}}'

How can I now remove the allocator role from this initial host and just use the dedicated allocator?

This documentation page should cover it:

Which includes the a reason to remove the allocator:

To prepare for removing the allocator role from the first host on which you installed Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

It's recommended to put the allocator in maintenance mode, done that. Then it states:

Select the name of an unhealthy allocator and then choose Move Nodes from the menu.

Which menu is that and where can I find that button? I now see this:

And I cannot find the button to "move nodes". I am logged in as admin.

I also don't see an edit button in this list:
Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 15-15-42 Allocators — Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Which is present in this deployment that I found in an image search. Could it be that my installation misses something? I only used the command at the top. I remember I had the edit button in previous test environments.

I think I get it. So, I created these base installs, but no deployments yet. Deployments can be moved, just created a deployment called test, and there I can indeed move node.

But I want to move the allocator from the initial deployment. How can I do that?

Anyone? :nerd_face:

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