Remove Visualisations from Dashboard

(Poonam) #1

Our elastic search is configured in a way where we delete logs after a defined time frame. My struggle is there are some visualisations created with some filters and when all the data with regards to that visualisation is removed there is an empty graph on my dashboard.
Is there a way where I can set the dashboard to remove visualisations which are empty or have no data?

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Unfortunately dashboard is limited in that regard, it doesn't inspect into the visualization itself, more so provides a container for the visualization to render itself.

Is it possible to create your visualizations in a way that don't need them to be removed? An example might be instead of date x to date y, setting date to last 30 days.

A more complicated option is to manage the dashboard with a script. Kibana stores all it's information in elasticsearch, so if there's consistent business logic you could control this at the data store level. This isn't something I would recommend, it would likely be prone to breaking on upgrades, but is an option if necessary.

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