Removing entry from the _suggest


I am experiencing problems to remove entry from elastic search.

Here is the scenario

I have venues. Each venue could have state "open" or "closed" (in Mysql).
When the state is "open" the entry should be in the elastic search, so I
can search for it and display it on the site.
But when it's marked as "closed" the venue should be removed from the ES
index, so no one can search it.

The functionality for adding and removing the entry from the index is
working seamless, and if I search for the venue name it doesn't display in
the search results.

The problem is that I have an autocomplete where I am using _suggest and
when I start typing the venue name e.g. "churchills" the entry is in the

When I search in the index by venue id the entry is missing and it appear
when I "open" it again, but suggest seems that it's not affected. I am
quite sure that I am searching in the correct index, so it's not the case,
that I am removing it from one index, but I am looking into another.

Are there any specifics how to remove entry from the _suggest?

My instance is ES 1.1.1

Thank you in advance.


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