Replacement of CircleBuilder/PolygonBuilder

Since the circle was not supported anymore (I think now it is, atleast on query execution), we approximated a circle with the PolygonBuilder from the main Elasticsearch package.

Elasticsearch 7.16 did a cleanup, removing dependencies from the main package to the module packages, basically deprecating those classes (legacygeo)

Is there a replacement for those builder-classes? is there a jar that provides those classes that were moved? or do we rather have to replace and adjust our codebase (we use the builder to create and calculate intersections and how much of an area they cover in another shape to get a percentage, determining if the area is relevant or not).

Hi @UglyBarnacle,

This is the replacement:

hope it helps.

oh, but you will not be able to do that as I guess you were using the JTS output for that.

yeah, we already use the Elasticsearch-geo dependency, but it does not contain those builders.
so to sum it up: those classes were removed and have no replacement provided by dependencies, the only option is to dive more into JTS and skip the convenient builders.

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