Reporting - CSV Export: contains partial data

Hi Team,

we have execute any query, it gives results and we save it by x name and when we generate csv then records are not getting saved in csv file. Sometimes partial results are getting saved. We have also tried after increasing xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes filed in kibana yml file but same results.

kindly help me out.

What does your query look like? How many records does it return? How large is the resulting CSV?

Its not dependent on any particular query. Its coming on all queries. When we are executing any query and added 2-3 filters and getting 3-4 results then we are saving it and then go to share link, generate csv and when we open csv no record is coming. Sometimes we are getting partial records if results are 40-50 and sometimes no record is coming in csv.

We need a starting point to troubleshoot even if its happening in multiple places. Is there one query you'd like to start with?

@mattkime Here is sample query which will return only 1 result for given time period. But still when i am downloading report am getting only header even its not resulting single result as said previously.!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!t,value:0),time:(from:'2021-08-09T06:00:00.000Z',to:'2021-08-16T22:00:00.000Z'))&_a=(columns:!(datacenter,request-id,target-response-time-ms,response-status,request-path,x-forwarded-for),filters:!(('$state':(store:appState),meta:(alias:!n,disabled:!f,index:logstash,key:environment,negate:!f,params:(query:production),type:phrase),query:(match_phrase:(environment:production))),('$state':(store:appState),meta:(alias:!n,disabled:!f,index:logstash-apigee-request,key:proxy,negate:!f,params:(query:schwab-indices),type:phrase),query:(match_phrase:(proxy:schwab-indices)))),index:logstash-apigee-request,interval:auto,query:(language:kuery,query:'(%22fc54d8eb-0441-424c-afbf-e645f3b34f4f%22)'),sort:!())

can someone provide there input regarding issue. Need expertise on it.

Hi, which version of Kibana do you have?

There is an open bug that CSV Export does not include frozen indices. This may be what is affecting you:

If that is not the issue, could you show us the status of your data indices with:
GET /_cat/indices/<data_indices>*?v

Thanks @tsullivan thats what i am looking for yes we have frozen indices in our cluster. We are using kibana 7.9.3 version.

Is there any workaround for that? Kindly do let me know.

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