Reporting keyprases

I have published data into ES. Each record looks as follows -

            "OfeedbackID" : 123,
            "Comment" : "You product is really good. I find it very useful",
            "PostDate": "2015/01/01",
            "KeyPhrases": ["really good", "very useful"],
            "Sentiment": "pos"

I'd like to report vertical bar chart with XAxis as Terms (field=keyprhases). What I noticed is that kibana splits all the keyphrases into words and reports. As in, I only see "really" and "good" as separate bars. How can I get the reporting at phrase level?


In your index settings, set the KeyPhrases field to not_analyzed. Right now you're defaulting to an analyzer that extracts each word as a term. The data needs to be reindexed for this change to take effect.

Thanks Magnus

A follow up question.

I'd like to run the stop word removal and stemming filters and still treat the remaining words as a single term. Is that possible?