Repository-azure for 7.17


We're using repository-azure with our 7.17 installation of Elasticsearch, running on Azure VMs.

Last week, we got a notification from Microsoft that there are known issues with one of the packages used by the repository-azure. From the contents of the repository-azure-7 package, it appears to be azure-storage-common-12.9.0.jar; the minimum "safe" version apeears to be 12.10.1. (Ref:

Will there be an update to repository-azure-7 to address this? Alternatively, is it possible to simply replace azure-storage-common-12.9.0.jar with a more recent version?

Welcome to our community and thanks for highlighting this! :smiley:

I have raised Do we need to update azure-storage-common-12.9.0.jar? · Issue #91573 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub to get someone to look at this.

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