Request elasticsearch to update geoip database

I use elasticsearch on premises for security features, and I can't expose it all the time which made my geoip databases expire.
I'm aware that elasticsearch use maxmind database and request using
but I need to control the start of the update process, so when i need to update I expose my nodes for a short window of time, do the update then secure them again.
Is there any elasticsearch API dedicated for that ??

Take a look at GeoIP processor | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

I'm really sorry if my question is not clear.
I want to let you know that I already used manual update by downloading the database and uploading from a file, but it's not very practical,
My question is can I request elasticserch directly to go and download the geoip database ?

No, there is no such API to trigger an GeoIP update, Elasticsearch will automatically update it following some logic built-in in the code that is not exposed to the user through an API, so you have no control when it will update.

As the shared documentation says, if you can't let elasticsearch automatically update the geoip database, you will need to use the manual updates.

Thank you very much, but I think it would be very interesting as a feature.

I found a workaround to trigger the update by control, when the elasticsearch service is restarted the geoip update is checked in the startup, it helped me update when I wanted too.

would be interested in this feature too, had many situations where it would be good to trigger an update manually in order to check if it is configured correctly


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