Request Entity Too Large when index file json has size large 100mb

How to index file json has size large 100mb with fscrawler and elastic.
I use fscrawler 2.6 and elastic 6.8.0.


see default http max content length is 100MB, see

You should however not increase that limit, but rather reduce your batches if possible. Hope that makes sense.


yes, I know. but my data is books, it has data large 100mb, It cannot be split into small files.
I did changes heap settings. (-Xms10g, -Xmx-10g) and "indexded_chars" : "100%"

I fixed it.

Note that there is a difference between what FSCrawler collects and what it generates. If you don't store the source (BASE64 binary document), then hopefully the extracted content is much less than the source itself.

Also, if you have very big documents, you can change and make sure it's always under 100mb.

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