Requests being made to `/api/reporting/jobs/list_completed_since`

I'm running kibana 5.3.2 in a docker image and seeing a lot of message to the endpoint:
/api/reporting/jobs/list_completed_since?since=.... in the kibana logs.

I am not using any monitoring features so I'm not sure where this is coming from.
I tried disabling xpack.monitoring in the kibana.yml file, but that didn't work. I created a new docker image that doesn't have the x-pack plugin installed - but the requests are still coming. Of course now they return a 404 since this endpoint doesn't exist....

Where could this be coming from?

Hi @eyalzek,

this is caused be the reporting feature, that polls the database for finished reports. They should not occur when X-Pack is not installed. Do these requests cause problems for you?

Hey @weltenwort,

they do not bother me as much as they pollute my logs.. And also making me very curious as to how these can still appear when kibana is running without X-Pack installed. Should I change any configuration on the elasticsearch side? Might it be that some cached data somewhere is causing that?

They really shouldn't appear without X-Pack. The url is not even present in the core Kibana code. Is it possible that there's a browser tab still open somewhere, which has not be reloaded after X-Pack was removed?

We are tracking some improvements to the way the polling happens internally, but I can not give you any commitment on their implementation. :wink:

That probably makes sense, I'll give it a few days to see if this is going away.

Although I'm still wondering why those requests kept coming even though I disabled reporting in kibana.yml?

You are correct in that disabling reporting should disable the reporting. I will create an issue for that.

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