Required plugins for ES-5.6.3

(Vadim) #1

I'm running es-5.6.3 on rhel.
It works well with single and multi node configuration and basic attributes in elasticsearch.yml (,, node.master,,, etc.).

But when I added the xyz and group1 attributes to the config file and restarded the es, then the es not started and failed to pass the bootstrap process, giving the error:
ERROR o.e.b.Bootstrsp Exception
Suppressed: java.lang.IllegalArgumEcception: unknown settings,, please check if any required plugin are installed or check the braking changes documentation for removed settings

I did not install any plugins in the node's plugin folder yet.
Which one need to be installed and where can I get them ?
I read the es 5 plugin docs section (there are multiple plugins) but still unclear which plugins need to be added in my particular case to fix the issue ?
Thanks in advance.

(Magnus Kessler) #2

Hi Vadim,

I wonder where you picked up the additional settings you're trying to use. There's a setting, and you can set arbitrarily named attributes with node.attr.<some_attribute_name>, which can be used for e.g. shard allocation rules in multi-rack environments.

Please remove any unknown settings from your elasticsearch.yml file, and the nodes should restart normally again.

(Vadim) #3

Hey Magnus,
I'm experimenting to replace the old es-2 which is currently in use, with the es-5.6.3.
I was able to setup and run es-5 multinode cluster on multiple servers without and in es-5 config file.
In old es-2 in elasticsearch.yml there are: some-host some-group
node.group1: some-group1
and there are two old plugins inside the plugins folder - analysis-askme and delete-by-query

That is why I added and in es-5 config and this lead to error when starting the node - something like ... unknown setting ( ... unknown setting (
I thought the error because there were no plugins in es-5 plugins folder and I moved those two plugins from es-2 to es-5 and started the es-5 then after restarting Im getting the error - something like using uncompatible versions of plugins.
And that is why Im trying to find the plugins which will allow me to run es-5 with the and in elasticsearch.yml

Appreciate your help Magnus.

(Mark Walkom) #4

The syntax for that changed in 5.X, see

(Vadim) #5

Thank you Mark and Magnus for quick responses.
Thanks to your guidelines I was able to fix the es-5 config yml file with

I still need to replace two old ES-2 plugins (analysis-askme and delete-by-query) to being able to use the raplacements in ES-5.
It there any way to figure out this ?

Appreciate your help.

(Mark Walkom) #6

Delete by query is now part of 5.X -

(Vadim) #7

Thanks Mark !!!

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