Requirement for designing elastic search in aws

Hi All,

I've asked to design a Elasticsearch for my project . I'm a new joiner to my project and new to Elasticsearch.

I saw minimum requirement as such 8 GM Ram,4 CPU core, and 50 Gb disk space with 1 GBps network bandwidth.

I've a requirement of 200 users per sec , executes avg 2 queries

queries per sec => 200*2 = 400 queries

no. of queries per hour => 4006060 = 14,40,000 = 14.4 Million
no. of queries per day = 14,40,000*24 = 3,45,60,000 = 3.4 billion
no. of queries per month = 3.4billion *30 = 102 billion

How to design a Elasticsearch system for US region all avaialbility_zones in AWS.

  1. how many nodes are required ?
  2. how many shards with replication required per indexing topic ?
  3. for scalability and availability -> what are things have to be considered?
  4. RAM, CPU and disk space required to perform queries ?
  5. what is the storage required for this. how much storage limitation per topic ?

Please guide me.

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