Resolve code -> display value in a visualization?

Hello - I am very new to kibana. In the demo video there is an example showing google news feeds. They aggregate these data based on some numeric code google assigns to the items (ie. 1 -> 'Positive', 2 -> 'Negative', etc). All of the graphs used this numeric value in the display. There was a separate dictionary that mapped this numeric value to a display value. Does kibana any ability to deal with resolving code to displayValue when making visualizations? This would help make some of our potential data more friendly to end users, who have no idea what these codes mean. I did some searching, but may not have hit the right keywords. Thanks.

There is no static or dynamic lookup capability in Kibana at the moment. In the future, you may be able to use scripted fields to implement something like this for a small set of values, but right now they are limited to numerical values.

My recommendation would be to index an additional string field with the human-readable description alongside the numerical value, for instance, using the Logstash translate filter and use that in your visualizations instead. Make sure the field is not analyzed, if you want to run meaningful terms aggregations on it.