Resolved: Old kibana index not working after upgrade to 6.5 (fix was to delete .kibana_2 index)

I upgraded my ELK stack to version 6.5 today. Everything appeared to come back successfully, but upon trying to load Kibana, I just saw "Kibana server is not ready yet". Looking at my journal, I saw a message about "No shard available for [get [.kibana][doc][config:6.5.1]" within a stack trace.

I then saw Guillain's message in the thread Kibana server is not ready yet issue after upgrade to 6.5.0
He suggested using a different index, so I changed kibana.yml on the line:

kibana.index: ".kibana653"

While this did get Kibana running again, all our kibana work was lost, for example dashboards. Is there any way to get my old index from version 6.4 running in 6.5? I also looked at the advice under breaking changes in this article:
But I wasn't experiencing the permission error, at least I didn't see anything.

I noticed this in the Kibana logs. I was so focused on ElasticSearch logs and errors there, I somehow missed this message:

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-12-04T20:36:44Z","tags":["info","migrations"],"pid":25819,"message":"Creating index .kibana_2."}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-12-04T20:36:44Z","tags":["warning","migrations"],"pid":25819,"message":"Another Kibana instance appears to be migrating the index. Waiting for that migration to complete. If no other Kibana instance is attempting migrations, you can get past this message by deleting index .kibana_2 and restarting Kibana."}

I followed the suggestion from this and deleted .kibana_2.

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