Resource_already_exists_exception]: index [.kibana_task_manager_2

Just upgraded from 7.9 to 7.10 and now kibana shows:

"error","elasticsearch","data"],"pid":10858,"message":"[resource_already_exists_exception]: index [.kibana_task_manager_2/Ary_lXNFQguMojj-E4-2bQ] already exists"}

Thought about looking for that index and deleting it but not sure if that would cause other issues?
Any thoughts out there? Thank you.

@teej could you please follow what is being described on Kibana fails to start after 7.9.3 -> 7.10.0 upgrade


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Thank you tiagocosta. Based on the .kibana_N+1 principle, I had .kibana_1,.kibana_2 and .kibana_3 but the error messages only mentioned .kibana_2 (and i guess .kibana_3 was the latest). After I deleted .kibana_2, it appeared to start up.

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