Response time of Java percolate API is unstable


We're now in performance test and seeing some unexpected result.

We use Java percolate API

client.preparePercolate().setIndices(index).setDocumentType(projectName).setSource(log).execute().actionGet();"ms for percolation, es time
"+response.getTookInMillis()+" ms for log "+ log);

and registered one simple rule, input log varies.

sometimes response.getTookInMillis() is more than 2000ms meaning it took
more than 2 seconds to percolate single log.
sometimes response.getTookInMillis() is less than 10ms which we expect it
to be.

Ping responses within 1 ms, network has nothing to do with that
fluctuation, and we want percolation response time to be stable and fast.

Is there any possible reason?

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