REST API for adding users

Is there a REST API for adding users provided by Kibana ? OR I can use the elasticsearch create user API to add users ?


Yes, you can directly add users using Elasticsearch, and the full docs are under Elasticsearch authentication. Notice that there are multiple types of authentication supported.

From the Kibana perspective, you will need to assign Kibana privileges and the appropriate Kibana roles to these users. The docs here are in Granting access to Kibana.

You can also integrate with external identify providers where you will need to provide a Role Mapping to access Kibana.

Thanks for the details. Will go through them.
I have used Kibana role management API to create the role that provides access to Kibana space and required indexes for the role. In this case, would it suffice to add the user to elasticsearch with the role I have created. Is my understanding correct ?

That sounds correct.

Thank you so much. I was able to add user using elasticsearch API.

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