REST API to get the visualization request body

I want to query the Kibana application and get the Elasticsearch request bodies used to build all the visualizations on a given dashboard.
Is there any Rest API available to fetch request bodies of visualization ?

Hi @Mayuri_Patole,

We don't have an API available for this right now. What is your use-case? We might be able to suggest an alternative, or add this as an enhancement request.

Hi @Larry_Gregory,

I am migrating Kibana visualizations to our visualization tool, i am using visualization response which is compatible with our tool but for that, i need request bodies of all visualizations from every dashboard, so can you suggest a way to fetch all request bodies?

@Mayuri_Patole thanks for clarifying. I can't think of an automated way to do this, but one thing you could do is capture a HAR when loading a particular dashboard. That will show all of the requests that Kibana is making to ES (typically via _msearch for dashboards).

Here's a guide on capturing HARs if you're not familiar with them:

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