Is there a way to get all visualizations in kibana using curl

I need to get the list of all visualizations present in kibana. Is there a curl command to do that?

For example,
curl -v http://localhost:9200/.kibana/visualisation

/.kibana/visualization/_search should do it

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Thanks. That worked.

Where do i find documentation on these API's?

I am starting to use the API extensively to create bulk visualizations , search for all visualizations with a particular title pattern and add them to dashboard. It would be useful to get pointers to some documentation so i can optimize my queries accordingly.

The response to /.kibana/visualization/_search wasnt complete. It said the total visualizations were 36 but it displayed data for only 10 visualizations.
There are actual 36 visualizations in the system. I am not sure why it did not list all the 36. Any pointers?

Add the size to the end like this;


of course, it was the size.. I tried limit, offset but not size. My bad. Is there documentation for these?


I think this would be the best starting point;


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