Get list of kiaban visualization and dashboards

I have a test deployment of ELK stack and i am trying to get a list of kibana visualizations but following command is not showing me any useful output

curl localhost:9200/.kibana/visualization/_search


Any idea how can I get the list of created visualizations

That's the correct API to retrieve the visualizations via search API. Kibana stores its objects as documents in the .kibana index in Elasticsearch. So essentially, you are querying ES for results.

Search API: /.kibana/visualization/_search?size=40 should do it.

This would be a good starting point .


I used the same but for some reason I am not getting the list back even though the visualizations are working fine on the kibana GUI

What is the Version of Kibana are you running on ?
If you are 6.0 + then this should work for you:

What version of Kibana are you on ? If 6.0 + this query should get you all the

GET .kibana/doc/_search
    "match" : {
      "type": "visualization"


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thanks, it's working

Sweet. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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