RESTORE failing from S3

Hi All

I have taken a snapshot and loaded succesfully into S3, while trying to Restore i am getting error as File not found.

Step -1 curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/backup/s3bkup_14052015?wait_for_completion=true&pretty' -d '{ "indices": "logstash-2015.05.14", "include_global_state":"false","partial":"true" }'
"snapshot" : {
"snapshot" : "s3bkup_14052015",
"indices" : [ "logstash-2015.05.14" ],
"state" : "SUCCESS",
"start_time" : "2015-07-14T09:27:52.384Z",
"start_time_in_millis" : 1436866072384,
"end_time" : "2015-07-14T09:27:52.999Z",
"end_time_in_millis" : 1436866072999,
"duration_in_millis" : 615,
"failures" : [ ],
"shards" : {
"total" : 5,
"failed" : 0,
"successful" : 5


Step -2 Now i am trying to restore and getting the error.

curl -XPOST 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/backup/snapshot-s3bkup_14052015/_restore'
{"error":"SnapshotMissingException[[backup:snapshot-s3bkup_14052015] is missing]; nested: FileNotFoundException[/es_backup_folder/snapshot-snapshot-s3bkup_14052015 (No such file or directory)]; ","status":404}[root@ip-10-254-253-124 es_backup_folder]#

Step -3

curl -XPOST 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/backup/s3bkup_14052015/_restore'
{"error":"SnapshotMissingException[[backup:s3bkup_14052015] is missing]; nested: FileNotFoundException[/es_backup_folder/snapshot-s3bkup_14052015 (No such file or directory)]; ","status":404}[root@ip-10-254-253-124 es_backup_folder]#

Please advice the correction in my RESTORE.

Obvious one, does that path exist in S3?

What does your repo look like?

Hi Mark

Its working now.

I must have fixed it with magic.


Hi Tanveer,

Can you please share the fix you've done?