Restoring datastreams isn't working as planned

I'm getting to about the end of my wits with trying to restore a backing index to a datastream.

Essentially I have a set up that I have a datastream-1 with backing indices .ds-datastream-1-2022-04.01 and .ds-datastream-1-2022-05.01.

I previously had .ds-datastream-1-2022-03.01 that is deleted but currently in my snapshot and I'm trying to restore it. But it won't work, all attempts have failed. This is how I try and restore it. I have also tried to rename it, but nothing works.

Yes, I have a matching index template for this.

When I try this, there is no error message or no issue, but the datastream's index doesn't get recreated. There is no sign of it in the Restore Status Tab. I don't know what else I can do. I'm on version 7.16.3, I suspect because my ILM would make that one as delete, potentially that's why? But I don't know how to prevent that.


Also, if I put in the datastream itself, it will overwrite the current active data I have, with the data from the snapshot which is not ideal.

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