Restoring to a different cluster

Hi all ,
Can someone list down all the settings needed to restore a snapshot to different cluster .
Assuming the new cluster has no configuration at all .
Some basic questions :

  1. How many nodes do we need to assign to new cluster , is it the same no. of nodes as the original cluster ?
  2. What all settings do i need to keep in mind for successful restoring
  3. How many number of shards do we have to allocate
    etc ..

Thanks ,

  1. No, just as long as it can hold the size of the index
  2. Allocation filtering is the big one
  3. You don't, the restore will handle that

Thanks for responding Mark ,
So i don't need to create as many nodes as original cluster on new cluster ?
They would be automatically managed by ES restore ?
or let's say i have zero nodes in new cluster , will the ES handle that also ,assuming i have enough storage capacity ?

This does not make sense. You must have at least one data node for the cluster to be able to store data at all. Data nodes provide storage capacity.

yes that i know , zero nodes here means not the same number of nodes as the original cluster :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway !

Basically i just wanted to ask , my original setup as 12 nodes : [3 master , 6 data , 3 coordinator ] do i need to make sure that the new cluster has similar setting or similar node setting before restoring index snapshot taken on original cluster ?

Fair enough, but that's not what you wrote, so it is extremely confusing :wink:

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