Restrict User to a dashboard

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to restrict some users to a dashboard . I read about Shield , but is it possible without shield.

My requirement is restricting sales user to sales dashboard only . They should not be authorized to admin dashboard .

You could do this if you wanted to setup a proxy and then do URL based ACLs.

Interesting, Thank you Mark,

So from where I can start . Sorry I do not have much idea about Proxy . Is it something which I need to configure on windows machine (as I am windows user).I am assuming ACL is Access Control Link ?

Not sure on Windows but maybe IIS can do it? Most people use something like nginx or apache on Linux.

ACL = Access Control List.

Hi Mark,

I tried to set IP based rules in nginx for the same purpose - restricting user's access to some of the dashboards/tabs of Kibana 4.5 but with no luck so far. From what I can see on my Wireshark outputs it seems that Kibana 4.5 sends the dashboards' name and details in the POST body and not in the url's. Is that true?

With Kibana 3.0 we used to save all the dashboards as .json files on /var/www/kibana3/app/dashboards and then use regex based location blocks with allow/deny commands in nginx config to restrict users' access to those dashboards. Is such approach still possible with Kibana 4.5? Purchasing a license for Shield is currently not an option for us due to the high fees.



That is correct. Kibana 4+ utilizes ElasticSearch and stores the dashboards within the .kibana index.