Restrict user to specific Kibana index

I have created a user and assigned it a role to view logs of a single index. But the user is able to see all the index patterns created in Kibana (logs visible only for the allowed index). But I would like the user to see only the index he has been given access to and not the other index patterns in kibana. I am using Kibana 7.2.0 and have enabled XPACK security feature on my basic licence.
I have read about creating different kibana instances and creating custom index instead of the default .kibana index. But I have multiple indexes and this will not be feasible to me. Is there any other workaround for this?

Hello @Anushka_Thachil -

Index Patterns and indices are different entities. Restricting index access does not restrict index pattern access although using an index pattern won't allow access to indices the user doesn't have access to.

You might look at spaces if you want to hide the availability to index patters.

you want to read up on what matthew said

Three step process

you first have to create a space

than create a role and assign space to it, in this process you can assign appropriate indice to this role.

than create a user and assign that role to this user.

Yes Spaces does the job here! We were able to achieve partial multi-tenancy.
Thankyou @mattkime and @elasticforme

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