Restricting the Kibana search to perticular index

Hi Guys,
Hope you are doing good there.

I have one usecasae, where i hvae 2 tables in kibana. say table A(belongs
to index-a and type_a) and B(belongs to index-b and type_b).
Now from kibana dashboard I want to performa a general search, if it
matches in any table it should produce the result.
Specially I tried doing the strict type for tables by specifying A should
have pinned type-a and same for b, but doesn't worked.

In my case what is happening its giving result of A in B.

Can someone suggest me what to do for such problem.
Or Can I externally customize the source code of kibana.

Any help will be gr8.

looking for your responses.


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You can pass index name as URL Parameter so it filter for one index now when you search it gives the result for Filter Index.

Sumit Gupta