Results are not changed after index updating

Hi everyone,

I have a bool query:

from: 0,
size: 10,
query: {
      bool: {
            must: [
                    { term: { boolean_field: false } },
                    { term: { integer_field: *something* } },
                    { term: { integer_field: *something else* } }
      { another_field_1: {"order": "desc"} },
      { another_field_2: {"order": "desc"} }

We need to immediately update our results after the user changes the boolean_field to true. The problem is that sometimes, this result is not being changed. It seems that the data is cached.
I've already set the clause request_cache=false in the search body, but the query never ends.

Does anybody know if it's something related to some elasticsearch caching setting? or do I need to change my query clause?

Thanks a lot,


Why do you say that?

Hi @warkolm ! I said that because, sometimes the results are not being refreshed! Maybe I did not express myself very well.

But it was solved! I had to set the refresh_interval: "1s" to force elasticsearch to refresh it after 1 second.



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