Retrieval of data on the dashboard is done after hours

I have a problem with the data recovery on the dashboard. It gets hours to get the data from Elasticsearch to the Dashboard. I get the right datas on the devTools, but I can not have a real time data on the dashboard. Do you have an idea how to deal with this issue please ?

Isn't this similar to your other post?

There is no need to open multiple topics for the same issue, please provide more context on what you are trying to do, what is the result you are getting and what is the expected result.

No, it's not the same thing. When I post documents on Elasticsearch, I get the data on the dashboard after hours. I don't get data on real time. Is it clearer ? thank you

You need to share some evidence of this, as I said on your other topic, all date fields in Elasticsearch are stored in UTC and all date fields in Kibana will be converted from UTC to the Timezone configured in Kibana.

Per default Kibana uses the browser timezone, which is the same as the operating system you are using, so if you are on a place that has a time offset from UTC, Kibana will apply this time offset to your date fields, this is the expected behaviour.

A common issue is that when you ingest data into elasticsearch that is in a different timezone but the date string does not have any information about it, so elasticsearch will wrongly assumes that the date, which has a timezone offset, is in UTC.

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It is not about date value. I understood the other topic and it resolved my problem, thank you.

The docs sent to Elasticsearch could not be displayed at the dashboard on real time. I mean that it gets a lot of time to have the information on the dashboard. If I save docs at 10 am on Elasticsearch, they can only be displayed after a long time at 1pm for example

As I said in the previous answer, you need to share evidence of this, you didn't share anything and didn't provided any context.

How are you indexing the data in Elasticsearch?

How does your date string in the logs looks like? Are you using this date as the value for the @timestamp field in your document?

In which timezone are you? What is the difference from UTC?

Did you change the default timezone in Kibana?

Show a sample of your documents, you can get it going into Discover and selecting the JSON tab on a document, you need to share the json document, not just a screenshot.

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