Retrieving data only from data node?

Elasticsearch version -5.4.3

I have a two nodes cluster. Roles of the nodes are as follows:
Node1: Master & Data
Node2: Data

Created an index with replica enabled and inserted few documents in it(means data is available on both the nodes).

In Elasticsearch documents it is written that when a search query is executed(on node1) the document is searched by each shards(i.e by primary and replica shards). However, in my setup it is observed that data is searched and fetched only from node2(replica node).

Note: When search is executed onnode1, it becomes the coodinating node.

So, in above scenario does it means that data can only be seached and fetched from node2(replica) not from the node1, as the node1 has become coordinating node? or there is some another reason?

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