Retrieving Kibana Dashboards Name List

(John) #1


I was using Elasticsearch to retrieve a list of all the Dashboards from Kibana. I updated some Dashboard names in Kibana, but I still get a list of the old names and not the new ones. Any ideas why this may occur? I have tried also restarting the Elasticsearch and Kibana Servers. Below is the query I use to get a list of the Dashboard Names. Is it caching?


(Mark Walkom) #2

Because the _id remains the original value, but the _source.title is what changes.

(John) #3

Awesome, Thanks that works!

Related question, Now I am just trying to sort it by that title. When I add the sort parameter as below:


It looks to split apart some of my titles and sort incorrectly on some of the spaces in my titles. It is like the sort is just picking one word to use as the sort criteria from the title rather then the whole title? ex.

"Accounts Payable" (_sort = "accounts")
"Building Permits and Inspections" (_sort="and")
"Social Assistance" (_sort ="assistance")
"Long Term Care" (_sort = "care")

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