Retrieving settings of custom analysis filter with new elastic Java client


I have a custom analysis filter deployed on elastic and when I want to retrieve with the new Java client the setting of an index using this filter.
I currently get :

co.elastic.clients.util.MissingRequiredPropertyException: Missing required property 'Builder.<variant kind>'

Is it planned to have extension points in the client or should I use only the low level client or ... ?



Thanks for the report. Indeed the Java API client doesn't support custom components as of now, and this is a planned feature that has been requested a number of times.

It's pretty high on the priority list and will come in the next few months. In the meantime, I'm afraid you have to use the low level client.

Thanks for your quick answer.

One more question do you plan to release custom components support before the end of life of the deprecated rest high level client?

Thanks again,


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