Retriving to read the same file

Hi all

I'm trying to read the same file in order to do some tests in elasticsearch, but if I don't change the name of the file filebeat ignored my decision.

I started the filebeat with the following command
sudo filebeat -e --modules apache2 -M "apache2.access.var.paths=[/apache_logs*]"

Then filebeat processed apache_logs at the first time.
After I stopped the process cancel in elasticsearch the data and I retry to use the same command nothing change, filebeat start and don't process again apache_logs. If I copy apache_logs in apache_logs2 the filebeat processed apache_logs2

In logstash I known that there si a sincedb file, here is there the other file?

Thank you

You can achieve this by deleting the registry file. It is located in /var/lib/filebeat/registry.

Thank you Adrian, I try it.

It's ok
thank you Adrian

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