Returning specific nested fields (Nest client)

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I have a nest query where I'd like to limit the data returned as my nested field can have up to 1000 entries in it, but I only need a few of them at a time.

for example this works to just bring back the specified non nested fields:

.Query(q => q.
 // the query that returns the documents
       .Source(sr => sr
       .Includes(fi => fi
       .Fields(f => f.AppId,f => f.FormName)))

But I'd like to specify specific nested fields to bring back, so something like:

 .Fields(f => f.AppId, f => f.FormName, f => f.Fields.First().FieldId == "fdtElem2607Group")))

But this brings back all 1000 nested fields. Any way to limit the nested fields returned?

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