Reuse of mappings

I have a couple of types of documents that are essentially the same - so as I read this

Fields with:
the same name

in the same index

in different mapping types

map to the same field internally,

and must have the same mapping.

if it's inside the same index I don't actually have to define a mapping for a field with the name 'name' under document type active_product if there is already a definition of a field with that name under type product because it will be given the same mapping by elasticsearch automatically.


Depends how you defined the original mapping, if you created it against a single type then it won't work.

ok well if I have

"mappings": {
    "product" : {
        "properties" : {
            "currency" : {"type" : "string", "index": "not_analyzed"},

and then I create a new document type "active_product" in the same index do I have to do a mapping for a currency field for that document type or will it just map active.product currency the same way that product currency is mapped ( if not is there a way to specify that this type inherits all of this types mappings plus defines it's own)?

Hi Bryan,

I'm facing the same issue in my index mapping. How did you solve it? I know I've read something about it in 2.3 version, but I can't find any docs related to it in 5.0.

Thank you,