Revert to Basic (Free) License - JDBC / ODBC Support?


I deployed the ELK stack and used it in TRIAL license mode till now. I plan to revert to the basic (free) license, but I need the functionality to ingest MySQL database data into ELK stack via JDBC ingress pipeline.

When I click, "revert to basic", the popup window notice says ".... JDBC and ODBC support will be disabled, but you can continue to use SQL CLI and REST endpoint ...".

Does this mean, that doing ingress of mysql database data via JDBC connector is not possible after this? If so, is there an alternative to ingest mysql data?

I'm talking about the data actually stored inside the mysql database tables.

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Yes, the JDBC connector is a paid feature, you need at least a Platinum license to use it.

You would need to extract your data from your MySQL using another tool and send this to Elasticsearch, but you will need to implement it yourself.

For example you can use Logstash with the jdbc input to query your database and use the elasticsearch output to send it to elasticsearch, there are a lot of posts in the forum about this.


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