River not ingesting data

I've elasticsearch 1.5 cluster. I was using river to ingest data in an index. I need to update the query in river. I deleted the river and created a new one but it doesn't ingest data in that index anymore. I've tested the river it works fine for any other index but not for that one. In fact no river ingest data in that index anymore. Any help please.

Rivers are now gone. You should really use something else like logstash and use a recent, supported version of the stack like 7.0 or 6.7.

hey dadoonet thanx for replying!
We have already gone through this conversation. I can't change whole structure of my setup for only this little reason at least right know. If you can suggest any thing else please. I'm kind of facing index lock situation. Index is given data on querying but not increase doc count on set up a river.

@dadoonet please check

I'm almost sure that the jdbc plugin was created later on. You need to use more recent version of the stack.

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