Roadmap and feature planning documentation?

Hi, My name is Sarjeet Singh, and I have recently started to evaluate ECK for Kubernetes, specifically Elasticsearch portion of operator. I have been looking around to find some documentation around the development contribution or what's the current roadmap and features being planned in near term but couldn't find yet.

It would also be helpful if there is a slack/groups to discuss any users/devs related questions as well.

Sarjeet Singh

Hey Sarjeet,
For the contributions bit, we have a doc here:

For any questions not answered there, feel free to ask here or in an issue. Similarly for user/dev questions, feel free to ask here for more discussion type topics. Hope this helps, let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks Anya, appreciated your response. I'll take a look.

btw, any reason why the questions/issues can't be discussed on slack? Just curious.