Roadmap / release schedule (8.1.0 when?)


I tried searching for this on the website, here on the Discuss server, and also using Google search, but found nothing current.
Is there a planned release date for ELK 8, and specifically 8.1?

I am interested in a feature that is labeled as "v8.1.0" on Github and would like to know if the target release date is going to be in the first or second half of 2022, or whether it's completely unknown.


Disclaimer! Any forward looking statement should be viewed as an estimation and subject to change. Do not make any investing decisions based off this information, etc.

The fuzzy answer is hopefully soon. We're getting pretty close to 8.0 general availability (the beta has been out for some time)...we normally will release the ".1" not too long after.

Thank you for answering so quickly! I am looking forward to it.

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