Rollover Errors

Hello I have been working on some code to be able to rollover my syslogs so that it will continue to populate the Kibana. I am getting the following error in the Dev Tools

Illegal argument exception
rollover target is a [conrete index] but one of [alias, data_stream] was expected
status 400

What I have entered is the following

POST /syslog-YYYY.MM.dd/_rollover/syslog_2022

Where I have the actual date and not the YYYY.MM.dd in the command. When I run the command as

POST /syslog-YYYY.MM.dd/_rollover/syslog_2022

I receive a different error indicating that there is no such index.

What am I doing incorrectly to ensure that this will roll over and continue to gather and collect syslogs?

I do appreciate all of your Elastic Guru knowledge and support.

What version are you using ?

And it looks like you are using indexes and not a data streams. Is that correct ?

The key question is whether you're actually using aliases and rollovers? Or they're just being time-based indices?.

Did you set up a write alias?

If so You don't rollover the actual index, you POST rollover to the write alias, which knows the current index the alias is pointing to and then creates a new index and then points the alias to the new index

Hello Stephen;

thank you for the reply. I am using 7.13.4 version of Elastic. Yes I am using indices over streams. I an going to go through the tutorials you have linked in your response.

I appreciate the guidance.


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