Rollup API

I attended elasticON in New York yesterday, and spoke with a number of people about a "rollup api" that is currently in development.

We would like to assist with building out use cases and help w/ beta testing.

We have two use cases where a rollup API as described at the conference would be valuable.

  1. Metric data - rolling up metrics to 5-minute peaks in order to age out old data would be valuable. Currently, we are using a combination of Elasticsearch and graphite because aggregation queries were increasingly expensive.

  2. Summary of firewall traffic patterns for a day, week, month, year, etc. (distinct to and from IPs, ports, protocol, total bytes sent or received, total packets sent or received, whether traffic was permitted or denied, etc.)

Thanks for reaching out @ron.morrill! I'll pass this one along, but please also feel free to raise this with your support engineer via a ticket :slight_smile:

Thanks @warkolm. I raised this with my support engineer as well.

It was suggested that I use the discuss forum to get in contact with the development team & provide feedback regarding what they are working on. If there is a better way to get in touch with the team, please let me know.

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