Routing instability after upgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.2

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We have mapping templates set up to drive custom routing based on a field
in our doc. The index and search seemed to be working fine under 1.1.1, but
following an upgrade to 1.2 a percentage of our searches are not returning
the expected documents - they actually return nothing as we're filtering on
the same value as the routing key passed through the query string. Removing
the routing parameter from the _search request returns the docs as expected
so it looks like this is specifically down to the shards that are being

This seems to affect all our indexes that use this field based routing
method. Guessing, I'd say it affects about 10% of our calls, and we have 10
shards, although this is gut feel rather than measured at this stage. We
have just re-indexed one index (using our own tool to scroll and bulk
insert) into a new index (which should be subject to identical mapping
templates) and the docs now return as expected. At this stage I can't
guarantee that we haven't changed anything else (still investigating) but I
thought I'd post something here just in case anyone else is facing a
similar issue.

I checked github for any related issues and couldn't see anything.

Anybody any ideas of what to check next?



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