Rows in Kibana 5.5


I have recently created a new dashboard and filled it with the most important data. In earlier versions of Kibana, I was able to create rows which only showed their content after I had clicked on the expand button.
This was especially useful for data which I don't look at very often and don't want to load everytime I open the dashboard.
I didn't find this option in Kibana 5.5, did I miss this it or is it really not there anymore?

Thank you in advance!

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What version of Kibana were you using prior? I believe this ability was present in 3.0 but has been lacking ever since the introduction of 4.0. We have a few different ideas for how to bring a similar functionality back, though not necessarily with "rows" because we want to preserve the mosaic style grid. Some ideas are:

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Okay, thank you for answering so quickly! Yes, I've been using Kibana 3 before.
An option like that would be great!

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