Kibana Dashboard default configuration change

(Srikar Ananthula) #1

I want dashboard to directly load as below

rathan than

Can some one please tell me.. how do I do this ?

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Srikar,

I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what you're asking. Are those both Data Table visualizations? The same one?


(Srikar Ananthula) #3

Hi lee,

yes those are visualisations, but different view of the same visualisation. I wanted to have 1st view by default rather than second view (In above screenshoots).

As soon as we click on the green (play button) to run the query in visualisation, by default it displays the 2nd view. When we click on bottom arrow, it shows in the tabular format (1st view) .

Hence I wanted the visualisation directly to show me the 1st view rather than second (which needs clicking the upward arrow every time)

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

Hi Srikar,

It sounds like you're asking to see the counts for each filter in rows instead of columns?
Or are you wanting the 4 buttons (Table, Request, Response, Statistics) to be visible?

If you want the counts in rows, I think I would need to see the left panel where you are creating the visualization data.

Also, which version of Kibana are you using? In my testing on the latest Kibana 5.0.0-rc1 (release candidate) when I have clicked the arrow to show the "spy panel" it stays open when I change the left panel and hit play. It is closed by default when I first open the visualization, but stays open after that until I close it.

In the way I created this Data Table Visualization I get my data in rows in both the main visualization and in the spy panel (I could go back to Kibana 4.6 and try there too if you can't reproduce a Data Table like this);


(Srikar Ananthula) #5

Hi Lee,

I want the 4 buttons (Table, Request, Response, Statistics) to be visible
directly with out clicking the arrow mark. And when I add visualisation to
dashboard, I have to click all the arrows in all visualisations so that it
shows all 4 button when loading the dashboard.

(Lee Drengenberg) #6

OK, I understand now. There's not a built-in way to save a visualization or add a visualization to a dashboard so that it opens in that mode. But if you notice that the URL in the browser changes when you click the little arrow.

Without the spy panel open you have this section;

and with the spy panel open you have this;

I'm looking to see if you could hack the dashboard to have the uiState showing the spy panel. I'll reply again if I find a way but it would be an unsupported hack.


(Lee Drengenberg) #7

Hi Srikar,

Now I see that this issue was already fixed a while back;

Which version of Kibana are you on?


(Lee Drengenberg) #8

Also, when you click the ^ arrow, it shows the spy panel, but depending on the window size (or the Dashboard panel size) you may also still see the top half of the visualization. But if you click the other icon that has 2 arrows pointing away from each other, then it expands the spy panel to the full view.

(Srikar Ananthula) #9

We are using kibana 4.2.0

(Lee Drengenberg) #10

Hi Srikar,

It looks like that "Persisted Spy Panel UI State" was fixed in Kibana 4.3.0. You might want to consider upgrading your Elastic stack. You can see the compatibility chart here (scroll down to Supported Kibana Versions);

The Kibana and Elasticsearch versions are locked together pretty tightly so to upgrade Kibana you would also have to upgrade Elasticsearch. Upgrading Kibana is pretty painless, but Elasticsearch does require some planning depending on your cluster size and indices.

The versioning gets simpler with the 5.0.0 release with all the Elastic products moving to version 5. The release candidate is available now 5.0.0-rc1 and the GA release coming out very soon. So if you are considering upgrading, you should consider testing the release candidate out.


(Srikar Ananthula) #11

Sure , we are in plan with that. For now we are trying to upgrade to 4.6.1, may be once 5.x is out. We would do that. But unfortunately we wanted elasticsearch on aws ( elasticsearch service), but there are some issues with respect to support.

(Lee Drengenberg) #12

Good to hear on your upgrade plans.

Here's the Elasticsearch on AWS you're looking for


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