Rule with index connector - issue with {{}}

Hello all,

I hope that I write in a good place.

I'm newbie with ELK and I need help with rule.

So I have a rule with index connector, when I add

"": "{{}}"

in index in discover logs show me only : : "*"

I do not know how can I fix that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Which rule is this?

This is alert rule created by me. With index connector.

Right, but which rule type? Metric Threshold, Inventory Threshold, Log Threshold, Elasticsearch Query...

This is Log threshold

Thanks... for the Log Threshold Rule when you set a "group by" field, like, then the would equal the value of the, like For Log Threshold rules without a "group by" field, we set the to * (an asterisk), which represents "everything".