Rules not generating alerts after update from 8.12.2 to 8.14.2

Need help -: updated cluster from 8.12.2 to 8.14.2 and now after the update no alerts are being generated, also getting error messages like " there's been a catastrophic error trying to install index level resources for the following registration context: observability.uptime/security....

Hi @Vm_Elastic thank you for reaching out! We're currently investigating the cause of this issue and you should be able to track the progress here: [ResponseOps][RuleRegistry] alerts indices broken if Kibana startup pauses for > 20m · Issue #184611 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

@Vm_Elastic Can you provide the full error message? Typically that includes a reason as to why the resources were not installed correctly.

Resource installation is attempted on Kibana startup so you could try restarting Kibana to retry the installation.

Hey, Thanks restarting kibana really worked ..

Restarting the kibana worked, Thank you :slight_smile: