Running 7.15 yarn kbn bootstrap got error: The Cypress App could not be downloaded

my branch is at 7.15, when i run yarn kbn bootstrap got error: Does your workplace require a proxy to be used to access the Internet? If so, you must configure the HTTP_PROXY environment variable before downloading Cypress. Read more:
But when i run npm i cypress -D in a demo project, it was no problem.

This is strange. Can you please do yarn kbn clean && yarn kbn bootstrap and see if it clears the error?


@bhavyarm Thank you for reply. I have do yarn kbn clean && yarn cache clean && yarn kbn bootstrap, have the same problem.
my environment is: windows 10, node 14.17.6, npm 6.14.15, yarn 1.22.17

And on my virtual machine centos-7.9 it was normal to run branch 7.15.

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